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Low voltage transformers

Transformers are used to reduce mains voltage ( 230 volts ), to a safe 12 volts for low voltage garden lights.

They operate within a range and you need to select the correct one for the number of low voltage garden lights connected to it.

For example, if you purchase three low voltage light fittings each with 20 watt halogen lamps, then you would require a transformer with a range of 20 watt to 60 watt.

A further consideration is that the distance between the lamp and the transformer should not exceed 10 metres.

A garden lighting scheme requires careful planning !

Ordering and payment using most major debit and credit cards can be made on-line.

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20-60 watt transformer Low voltage transformer
This transformer must be housed inside a waterproof junction box
£ 8.85
35-105 watt garden transformer Low voltage garden transformer
An excellent outdoor transformer; plugs into an indoor or outdoor socket. Then connect the 12 volt garden lights to the outlet cable.
IP68 rating.
£ 27.00

Transformers should be installed by a competent person in accordance with Part P of the current Building Regulations

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